Protecting the Environment Through Recycling

Why is it so important that end-of-life and unused electronics are handled in an environmentally sound manner?
Some of the issues surrounding the management of waste electronics include illegal dumping, shipping offshore to developing countries, improper handling or disposal of toxic materials, and inadequate health and safety systems for workers handling and processing this equipment.

To ensure that the products collected through the EPRA British Columbia program are recycled in a manner that protects the environment as well as worker’s health and safety, all recyclers processing program material will be audited according to Recycler Qualification Office (RQO) Environmental Recycling Standard (ERS).

The ERS and associated Recycler Qualification Process (RQP) were designed to identify the key environmental, health and safety aspects associated with EOLE recycling, and provide a means to assess the recycler’s conformance to these requirements. The ERS is considered the minimum environmental, health and safety requirements for recycling EOLE. It prohibits the land filling of EOLE, improper handling and disposal of substances of concern, and dumping of any equipment or parts in developing nations.

You can have your EOLE recycled free of charge, simply by dropping it off at an approved collection depot. Click Here to find the location of the collection site near you.

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