Program Overview

All industrial commercial and institutional (ICI) businesses in Nova Scotia can recycle their unused electronics through EPRA Nova Scotia.

If your business has a Large Volume* of unused Electronics, contact us!

For complete details on how your business can participate; please contact Scott Langille at:


Telephone: 1-902-481-9753


Consider Re-Use FIRST!

The EPRA Nova Scotia Program is designed to manage end-of-life electronic products. If your ICI electronic items are not at the end of their useful life, you are encouraged to donate them to family members, employees, friends, or local charities. You may also wish to contact Computers for Schools Nova Scotia. Computers for Schools Nova Scotia is the province’s only sanctioned computer refurbisher. They have met the stringent requirements of the Electronics Reuse & Refurbishing Program (ERRP). Through this partnership over 6,000 computers and laptops are donated to Nova Scotia schools, libraries and charities each year.

*For smaller amounts of ICI unused electronics, please use our locator tool to find the Drop-Off Centre closet to you.