EPRA Saskatchewan Can Help! EPRA Saskatchewan can help communities, both with and without an EPRA collection depot, to recycle obsolete electronics in a responsible manner. EPRA Saskatchewan offers several options for a municipality to handle waste electronic equipment:

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Community Collection Events

Documents to review:

For more information on hosting a community collection event or educational/charitable fundraising event contact:

Gayleen Creelman                               Kris Mihilewicz
Program Director                                 Program Specialist
Phone:  306-242-6006                        306-373-9337
Email: gayleen.creelman@epra.ca      kris.mihilewicz@epra.ca


Electronic waste is a concern for both rural and urban municipalities. There are many reasons for municipalities to want to keep old electronics out of their landfills and waste transfer stations:

  • Old electronics have components that, over long periods of time, leach substances of concern into the ground contaminating soil and water.
  • Old electronics take up valuable space in landfills and waste transfer stations.
  • Keeping recyclables out of landfills extends their lifespan dramatically.
  • Community residents are conscious of environmental issues and desire responsible options to recycle their old products.
  • Valuable materials in old electronic products are wasted instead of being recycled in a responsible manner.

EPRA Saskatchewan can provide promotional tools for communicating proper end-of-life electronics recycling to residents such as:

  • Dumpster Stickers
  • Landfill Signs
  • Web Banners
  • Newspaper/Newsletter/Mail-out Ad
  • Handouts & Brochures

For more information on how EPRA Saskatchewan can help your municipality recycle their electronics in a safe, responsible manner contact:

Gayleen Creelman
Program Director, EPRA Saskatchewan
(306) 242-6006