August 1,2012 Media Release

For Immediate Release
August 1, 2012
New Electronics Recycling Program Begins Today
Manitoba’s new end-of-life electronic stewardship program begins today,
August 1, 2012.
The Electronic Products Recycling Association Manitoba (EPRA
Manitoba) is an industry-led, non-profit association that will uphold the
industry’s high standards for the recycling of end-of-life electronics and
providing secure, convenient recycling options across the province.
With the transition from the Green Manitoba program, EPRA Manitoba
will continue to ensure the responsible, safe and secure recycling
Manitobans have come to expect. By utilizing an extended producer
responsibility approach, Manitobans will be able to participate in a more
comprehensive electronics recycling program.
“The EPRA Manitoba program is a convenient solution for Manitobans’ to
recycle their end of life electronics in a responsible, secure manner. The
accepted items include all regulated electronics within the province,
whether generated from individuals, businesses or other organizations.”
Says Dennis Neufeld, Program Manager for EPRA Manitoba.
The program accepts a similar list of electronics as other industry-led
stewardship programs across Canada and a complete list of electronics
accepted can be found at
The program will begin with a collection network of over 30 collection
sites that are conveniently located and have accessible drop off points.
All collection sites must meet the high national standards for secure
recycling and consumer experience. This collection network will also
continue to grow.
For more information about the program, please visit:
Or contact: Dennis Neufeld, EPRA Manitoba Program Manager
Phone: (204) 415 – 5947