Electronic Products Recycling Association opens new drop-off centre in the Town of Cut Knife.

Electronic Products Recycling Association Opens New
Drop-Off Centre in the Town of Cut Knife
It is now easier than ever for the Town of Cut Knife and area residents to recycle
their end-of-life electronics.

The Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) Saskatchewan is proud to announce the
opening of their new Drop-off Centre located in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan. As of November 17,
2016 the Cut Knife Landfill is an authorized drop-off centre for end-of-life electronics. Moving
forward, residents of the Town of Cut Knife (Cut Knife) and surrounding area have another
convenient option when it comes to properly disposing of their end-of-life electronics.
“It is always exciting when we can add new Drop-off Centres to the program and expand the
access and convenience for Saskatchewan residents,” said EPRA Saskatchewan Program
Director, Gayleen Creelman. “We are confident that by making it even easier for residents to erecycle
in Cut Knife, we can collect more end-of-life electronics, recycle them safely and ensure
they are kept out of landfills and our beautiful environment.”
For residents of Cut Knife, taking the lead on e-recycling illustrates their commitment to taking
care of the environment. ‘We’ve only got one earth, and we need to look after it, even if our
efforts are only a small part adding to the whole. We are proud to partner with EPRA
Saskatchewan as a Drop-off Centre, and we are excited to make an impact in our community
and RM through e-recycling,” stated Mayor Gwenn Kaye.
“Cut Knife’s Mayor Kaye, was instrumental in moving this initiative forward for both the Town
and the RM of Cut Knife. EPRA Saskatchewan is proud to partner with both, and provide the
convenient option for the collection of end-of-life electronics for proper recycling. Plus, the
recovered materials are put back into the manufacturing of new products so that fewer natural
resources are required,” adds Creelman.
While the amount of electronics collected in Cut Knife may seem small in comparison to larger
centers like North Battleford, this new Drop-off Centre is another addition to an ever-growing
number of Drop-off Centres around our province.

About EPRA
The Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) is Canada’s leader in cost-effective
recycling programs for end-of-life-electronics – having diverted over 755,000 metric tonnes
from the landfills and illegal export since its first program began in 2007. As a not-for-profit,
industry-led organization, EPRA enables consumers and businesses to manage electronics
responsibly – for a better tomorrow.

EPRA Saskatchewan
EPRA Saskatchewan is responsible for managing the industry-led and government-approved
electronic products recycling program for consumers and businesses in the province.
More than 700 manufacturers, retailers, and other stakeholders are stewards of the EPRA
Saskatchewan Program plan, which is approved by government in accordance with
Saskatchewan’s Waste Electronic Equipment Regulations.
EPRA Saskatchewan annually collects over 465,000 devices in the province for recycling. Since
launching in Saskatchewan in 2007, the program has recycled more than 25,000 metric tonnes
of end-of-life electronics in an environmentally sound and socially responsible manner,
diverting them from landfills and illegal export.
To learn more about EPRA Saskatchewan’s many collection locations and recycling programs,
you can visit their website or connect on social media via Facebook.

Media Contact:
Gayleen Creelman
Program Director – EPRA Saskatchewan
T: 306-242-6006

About The Town of Cut Knife
The town of Cut Knife with a population of over 500 is located in the west central part of the
province, 50km west of Battleford on Hwy 40. It’s home to the world’s largest tomahawk, which
was built to symbolize the unity and friendship between the First Nations and non-First Nations

Media Contact:
Tammy Martin
Town Clerk
T: 306-398-2363