EPRA Saskatchewan adds new recycling drop-off centre near Hafford

July 5, 2017
It is now even more convenient to recycle end-of-life electronics in Saskatchewan.
Hafford, SK – The Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) Saskatchewan is proud to announce the addition of a new authorized drop-off centre, 16 to 43 Waste Management Corporation, located 7 KM west of Hafford. Residents in the surrounding areas now have another convenient option when it comes to properly disposing of their end-of-life electronics. 16 to 43 Waste Management Corporation is operated by the municipalities of Maymont, Hafford, Blaine Lake, Radisson and the RM of Douglas, and serves those municipalities and beyond.
“It is wonderful that 16 to 43 Waste Management is providing this service to the residents of the area,” said EPRA Saskatchewan Program Director, Gayleen Creelman. “EPRA is pleased to partner with them to safely recycle end-of-life electronics and ensure they are kept out of landfills and our beautiful environment.”
2017 marks 10-years of electronics recycling in Saskatchewan. “It’s incredible that over 27,000 MT of electronics has been collected from all over the province in the past ten years.” Said Creelman. Adding drop-off locations around the province will make it more accessible and convenient for all to recycle their electronics when they are no longer useful. Find out more at recycleMYelectronics.ca/sk.

For more information about EPRA Saskatchewan, contact:
Gayleen Creelman
Program Director – EPRA Saskatchewan
T: 306-242-6006

The Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) is Canada’s leader in cost-effective recycling programs for end-of-life-electronics – having diverted over 755,000 metric tonnes from the landfills and illegal export since its first program began in 2007. As a not-for-profit, industry-led organization, EPRA enables consumers and businesses to manage electronics responsibly – for a better tomorrow.

EPRA Saskatchewan is responsible for managing the industry-led and government-approved electronic products recycling program for consumers and businesses in the province.
More than 700 manufacturers, retailers, and other stakeholders are stewards of the EPRA Saskatchewan Program plan, which is approved by government in accordance with Saskatchewan’s Waste Electronic Equipment Regulations.
EPRA Saskatchewan annually collects over 465,000 devices in the province for recycling. Since launching in Saskatchewan in 2007, the program has recycled more than 27,000 metric tonnes of end-of-life electronics in an environmentally sound and socially responsible manner, diverting them from landfills and illegal export.
To learn more about EPRA Saskatchewan’s many collection locations and recycling programs, you can visit their website or connect on social media via Facebook.

Media Contact:
Gayleen Creelman, Program Director – EPRA Saskatchewan
T: 306-242-6006 | gayleen.creelman@epra.ca

In 2015, the communities of Maymont, Blaine Lake, Radisson, Hafford and the RM of Douglas aligned to help address the challenges of waste management and formed 16-43 Waste Management Corp. This centrally located site is locally managed, allowing for reduced collection and hauling costs, as well as increased opportunities for recycling of agricultural plastics, and household and industrial materials.
Their corporate goal is that all components of the operations will be funded with the revenue generated from the landfill site as well as from the sale of resources and recyclable materials.
Apart from tippage and collection service fees, no operating funding is drawn from the municipal tax system.
For more information about 16-43 Waste Management Corp:
Todd Linsley, Site Manager – todd@16-43wastemanagement.ca
T: 306-246-0678 | info@16-43wastemanagement.ca