EPRA Saskatchewan is Helping Regina Students Understand the Importance of E-Recycling.

Students across Regina are learning the importance of recycling their old electronics thanks to a new interactive exhibit at the Saskatchewan Science Centre, courtesy of Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) Saskatchewan.

The EPRA Saskatchewan exhibit provides students a hands-on opportunity to learn about the reusable materials found in old electronics like gold, silver, copper, glass, plastic and precious metals, which can be recycled and put back into the manufacturing of new products. The exhibit emphasizes the environmental benefits of recovering and reusing these materials and the important impact recycling electronics has on the environment. The students will engage with an interactive video back wall, touchscreen games, and instructor-led quizzes. “EPRA Saskatchewan is looking forward to building a partnership with students, teachers and schools across Regina,” says Gayleen Creelman, Program Director of EPRA Saskatchewan. “It’s important for students to understand the science and social responsibility behind recycling end-of-life electronics, and to have an understanding of the materials that are used to produce devices like computers, tablets and televisions.“

At a media event held at the Saskatchewan Science Centre, Roughrider Rob Bagg, an EPRA Saskatchewan spokesperson, and MLA, Warren Steinly, were on hand to lend their support to the initiative. Rob Bagg notes, “I think the exhibit is incredible, and I wish we had this sort of experience when I was young. Learning about the importance of e-recycling and the benefits to the environment at an early age allows you to create positive habits as you grow older.”
Julie Fisowich, Director of Learning and Exhibit Development at the Saskatchewan Science Centre was excited to accommodate the display. “We love to host unique and especially educational installations, it’s a part of our DNA. When we heard that EPRA Saskatchewan wanted to bring their “Recycle My Electronics” e-recycling display here during Waste Reduction Week we were thrilled to help make this event a reality.”

The exhibit, located on the third floor of the Saskatchewan Science Centre, will be exclusively in Regina for seven days beginning on Monday, October 17, and ending at close of day on Sunday, October 23, 2016 and is open to the public during normal operating hours.

About EPRA
The Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) is Canada’s leader in cost-effective recycling programs for end-of-life-electronics – having diverted over 735,000 metric tonnes from the landfills and illegal export since its first program began in 2007. As a not-for-profit, industry-led organization, EPRA enables consumers and businesses to manage electronics responsibly – for a better tomorrow.

EPRA Saskatchewan
The Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) Saskatchewan is responsible for managing the industry-led and government-approved electronic products recycling program for consumers and businesses in Saskatchewan.
More than 700 manufacturers, retailers and other stakeholders are stewards of the EPRA Saskatchewan Program Plan, which is approved by government in accordance with Saskatchewan’s Waste Electronic Equipment Regulations.
EPRA Saskatchewan annually collects over 465,000 devices in the province for recycling. Since launching in Saskatchewan in 2007, the program has recycled more than 25,000 metric tonnes of end-of-life electronics in an environmentally sound and socially responsible manner, diverting them from landfills and illegal export.
To learn more about EPRA Saskatchewan’s many collection depots and recycling programs, you can visit their website or connect on social media via Facebook.

Media Contact:
Gayleen Creelman
Program Director – EPRA Saskatchewan

About the Saskatchewan Science Centre
The Saskatchewan Science Centre is a non-profit, non-governmental educational facility with the mission of igniting scientific curiosity and innovation in Saskatchewan communities through interactive, dynamic and engaging opportunities. Our vision of the future, in fulfilling that mission, is inspired minds through science and innovation. The Science Centre is one of Saskatchewan’s largest family tourist attractions with more than 5 million visitors since its opening in 1989.

Media Contact
Julie Fisowich
Director of Learning and Exhibit Development