EPRA Saskatchewan reaches impressive 25,000 MT of EOLE recycled milestone!

Contact: Gayleen Creelman
Email: info@recycleMYelectronics.ca
Telephone: 1-888-567-4535

July 4, 2016

This June, the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) Saskatchewan passed a new milestone as the program has successfully collected and safely and securely recycled over 25,000 MT since the program began in 2007. EPRA Saskatchewan collects these electronics through 72 SARCAN locations and other drop-off centres found across the province, and already has its sights set on the next 25,000 MT. The program collects and recycles end-of-life electronics (EOLE) such as televisions, computers, audio and video devices and tablets keeping them out of landfills and putting them back into the manufacturing supply chain so that fewer natural resources are required to make new products.
“We’re thrilled with the uptake from Saskatchewan residents who have been so enthusiastic about the program for the past 9 years,” said Gayleen Creelman, Program Director of EPRA Saskatchewan. “To put the amount in perspective, 25,000 MT is more than the weight of 150 Statues of Liberty. To think that we’ve collected and recycled that much EOLE right here in Saskatchewan is very impressive. Saskatchewanians should be very proud of this accomplishment.”
June was busy month for EPRA Saskatchewan, as Creelman attended celebrations at three SARCAN depots that recently moved to more convenient and larger locations in their respective centers. They are also in the midst of the second season of the Takeback to Touchdown partnership with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, where all Saskatchewan residents are encouraged to ‘show how green they are’ and recycle their electronics through EPRA Saskatchewan.
“This milestone is exciting for the program and we couldn’t have done it without the support of the people of Saskatchewan, however, our job is never finished and there is always more that we could be recycling and diverting from landfill and our beautiful environment. Recent polls indicate that over 80% of us are still hanging on to EOLE. I encourage every Saskatchewan residents to drop-off these items for recycling through EPRA,” said Creelman.
Saskatchewan is an international pioneer in product stewardship for EOLE having North America’s first industry-led EPR (extended producer responsibility) program for collecting and responsibly recycling a broad range of regulated electronics such as televisions, computers, audio/visual devices and printers.
When the electronics are collected there is a two-fold benefit to the province; waste electronics are kept out of landfills and precious metals and elements are recovered and reused to create new products. This “urban mining” is a sustainable solution with a much smaller footprint than mining for new elements.

Creators of Brave Brands
Creelman has a strong vision for Saskatchewan’s place with regards to the e-recycling industry: “In Saskatchewan, we’ve been the leader when it came to product stewardship for EOLE, and together with the people of Saskatchewan we will continue leading the way long into the future.”


About EPRA
The Electronics Products Recycling Association (EPRA) is Canada’s leader in cost-effective recycling programs for end-of-life-electronics (EOLE) – having diverted over 700,000 metric tonnes of EOLE from landfills and illegal export. EPRA enables consumers and businesses to manage electronics responsibly – for a better tomorrow.
As a recognized, industry-led, not-for-profit organization, EPRA provides an approved environmental compliance program for stewards (manufacturers, distributors, and retailers) of electronics. It is responsible for implementing and operating, on behalf of its stewards, a responsible program for the recovery and reclamation of electronic products, in accordance with standards established by EPRA.

What Electronic Products are accepted?
EPRA Saskatchewan accepts and recycles a range of regulated electronic products including: display devices (such as televisions and monitors), desktop printers, computers and peripherals (such as keyboards), home theatre in a box (HTB) systems, non-cellular telephones as well as audio and video systems.
To learn more about EPRA Saskatchewan’s many collection depots and recycling program, you can visit their website or connect on social media via Facebook
Media Contact:
Gayleen Creelman
Program Director – EPRA Saskatchewan
T: 306-242-6006