Recycle My Electronics Treasure Hunt

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There’s treasure buried in your home just waiting to be discovered! Let’s find it together.

Download the treasure hunt PDF.

There’s a very good chance that right now, somewhere in your home, there are electronics just waiting to be recycled. These electronics are filled with resources that can be recovered, recycled and reused.

Search through your home for that hidden stash of old electronics. This buried treasure might include things like flip phones, smartphones, laptops, cords and cables, corded and wireless telephones, VCR and DVD players.

Happy Hunting!

Below is a list of end-of-life electronics you may uncover. You’ll be surprised just how much you discover.

What’s Next:

Now that you’ve rounded up all the end-of-life treasures in your home, consider putting them in a box and dropping them off at a Recycle My Electronics drop-off location so they can be safely and securely recycled. The resources inside will be recycled and reused in new products.