Stewards FAQs

What does electronics recycling have to do with me?

The Government of Manitoba has issued a Waste Reduction and Prevension Regulation requiring all “first sellers” of designated electronics to be part of an approved industry take-back and recycling program. EPRA is an approved program. Does this affect my company? Yes, if you sell, distribute, manufacture or import electronic equipment within the scope of EPRA’s recyclable product list into Manitoba (including online sales), you must be part of an approved program.

How is the program funded?

Members of the EPRA Manitoba program will pay Environmental Handling Fees (EHF) to EPRA based on the numbers of units sold in or into Manitoba.

Can I recover the fees?

It is expected that EPRA Manitoba program members will recover the EHFs they pay EPRA by charging the EHFs to their customers, whether wholesale or retail.

What about GST and PST?

GST applies to EHFs remitted by program members to EPRA Manitoba.

Will my suppliers and customers also have to pay EHFs?

EPRA Manitoba will only receive one EHF for each unit sold in Manitoba. Generally, the “first seller” in Manitoba, as defined in the Regulation, must be a member of EPRA Manitoba. If all your suppliers (of the regulated products) are EPRA Manitoba members and they have paid EPRA the EHFs, you must still register with EPRA, but you do not have to remit EHFs to EPRA. Instead, your supplier will charge you the EHF at the time of invoicing. If some of your suppliers are EPRA Manitoba members and some are not, you must join EPRA Manitoba and report and pay EHFs on products you buy from non-EPRA Manitoba members. EHF online reporting system is available on this website.

Do fees apply to used equipment?

There are no EHFs applicable to used or refurbished equipment.