About EPRA/Recycle My Electronics

About EPRA/Recycle My Electronics

We are the Electronic Products Recycling Association – an industry-led, not-for-profit organization that operates regulated recycling programs across Canada. We ensure that end-of-life electronics are handled in a safe, secure and environmentally-sound manner.

How EPRA/Recycle My Electronics makes a difference

Over 1.3 Million tonnes of electronics have been diverted from Canadian landfill and illegal export through EPRA/Recycle My Electronics programs.

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Over 80% of Canadians polled have at least one end-of-life electronic device sitting at home. We don’t want these old electronics to pile up in landfills or be illegally exported creating environmental issues somewhere else.

Ensuring this doesn’t happen tomorrow starts with how we recycle our electronics today.

End-of-life electronics are dropped off at EPRA authorized collection sites, including drop-off centres, return-to-retail locations and at special collection events, in well over 3,100 locations across the country.

The products are then sent to audited and approved specialized recyclers for processing.  New technology is used to break down old technology and harvest the raw materials that went into them including glass, plastics, and precious metals like gold and copper.  Substances of concern like mercury and lead, are also handled responsibly to protect both the environment, and the health and safety of the workers handling them. The recovered materials are then put back into the manufacturing supply chain and used to make new products.

When you bring your old, end-of-life electronics to EPRA-authorized locations, you’re helping to:

  • Reduce the amount of electronics that end up in landfills and prevent them from being illegally exported.

  • Help protect the health and safety of the workers processing the electronics.

  • Conserve natural resources by recovering raw materials that can be used to make new products.

It’s impossible to imagine a world today without electronics. Together, we can make sure it’s also impossible to imagine a world where piles of old electronics are sitting in landfills or harming our environment.

Using and enjoying electronics today, also means responsibly recycling them for a cleaner tomorrow.

Responsible Recycling

Protecting the Environment through Responsible Recycling Practices

Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) is committed to ensuring that end-of-life electronics (EOLE) collected through its program are recycled in a manner that protects the environment as well as worker health and safety.

EPRA only works with recyclers who have been audited and approved under the national Recycler Qualification Program (RQP), which is designed by the electronics industry to ensure that EOLEs are managed in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

This means that all EPRA recyclers are prohibited from exporting electronics or substances of concern to non-OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) nations, and the use of prison labour for processing equipment is not permitted. In addition, EPRA requires enhanced worker health and safety provisions and downstream accountability.

Consumers and businesses in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador can drop off their end-of-life electronics FREE OF CHARGE for responsible recycling at an EPRA-authorized drop-off location.

For more information on the Electronics Recycling Standard and to view a list of verified recyclers, visit www.rqp.ca.

Vision, Mission and Mandate


To be recognized in Canada as the leading provider of product stewardship programs, with a primary focus on electronic equipment and complementary products and services, delivering sustainable, compliant and cost-effective management.


As an industry-led, not-for-profit, product stewardship organization, we enable businesses and consumers to sustainably manage their obligated electronic products while delivering efficient, effective regulatory compliance.


Provide efficient, effective product stewardship program management for our core product, electronic equipment, and complementary products and services, fulfilling the regulations of each jurisdiction and our role as a leading, not-for-profit organization.