Stewards FAQs

What does electronics recycling have to do with me?

The Government of Saskatchewan has issued a Waste Electronics Equipment Regulation requiring all “first sellers” of designated electronics to be part of an approved industry take-back and recycling program. EPRA Saskatchewan is an approved program.

Does this affect my company?

Yes, if you sell, distribute, manufacture or import electronic equipment within the scope of EPRA Saskatchewan’s recyclable product list (as per The Waste Electronic Equipment Regulations) into Saskatchewan (including online sales), you must be part of an approved program.

What specific products are subject to the program?

As of May 1, 2018 with the updating of The Electronic Equipment Stewardship Regulations by the Government of Saskatchewan, the list of accepted products under the EPRA Saskatchewan program was expanded to include a broader range of electronic products. View the complete list.

Is there an approved program I can join?

Yes, leading electronics manufacturers and retailers have formed EPRA Saskatchewan. There are no other approved programs at this time.

How can I join the EPRA Saskatchewan program?

For more information, please visit the prospective Steward’s page on this site. The registration process will require you to complete a Stewardship agreement and provide required information.

What happens if I choose not to join EPRA Saskatchewan?

The Waste Electronic Equipment Regulations require first sellers of electronic products to operate a product management program (PMP) or enter into an agreement with a person to operate a PMP on their behalf. EPRA Saskatchewan has a PMP approved by the Minister of Environment and it is operating a program on behalf of many first sellers in Saskatchewan. If you choose not to join EPRA Saskatchewan, you must submit a PMP to the Minister of Environment for approval as required by the regulations. The proposed PMP must meet the regulatory standards listed in the regulations.

How does the EPRA Saskatchewan program work?

The program utilizes a province wide system of collection depots where consumers can drop off unwanted computer equipment and televisions at no additional charge. The program utilizes a province-wide system of collection depots where consumers can drop off unwanted computer equipment, televisions, and other electronics at no additional charge. The EHF that is charged at the time of purchase of new, obligated electronics covers the cost to safely and securely recycle them at their end-of-life.

How is the program funded?

Stewards of the EPRA Saskatchewan program remit the Environmental Handling Fees (EHFs) to EPRA Saskatchewan that they collect on the electronics that are sold in Saskatchewan.

Can I recover the fees?

It is expected that EPRA Saskatchewan program Stewards will recover the EHFs they pay EPRA Saskatchewan by charging the EHFs to their customers, whether wholesale or retail.

Will my suppliers and customers also have to pay EHFs?

EPRA Saskatchewan will only receive one EHF for each unit sold in SK. Generally, the “first seller” in Saskatchewan, as defined in the Regulation, must be a Steward of EPRA Saskatchewan. If all your suppliers (of the regulated products) are EPRA Saskatchewan Stewards and they have paid EPRA Saskatchewan the EHFs, you must still register with EPRA Saskatchewan but you do not have to remit EHFs to EPRA Saskatchewan. Instead, your supplier will charge you the EHF at the time of invoicing. If some of your suppliers are EPRA Saskatchewan Stewards and some are not, you must join EPRA Saskatchewan and report and pay EHFs on products you buy from non-EPRA Saskatchewan Stewards. EHF online reporting system is available on this website.

Do fees apply to used equipment?

There are no EHFs applicable to used or refurbished equipment.

I don’t have direct sales into Saskatchewan but sell through a distributor, who in turn sells into Saskatchewan. Do I have to register?

Yes, the definition of First Seller obligates you and therefore you are required to register. You do not have to remit EHFs to EPRA Saskatchewan if all of your distributors are registered and remitting EHFs to EPRA Saskatchewan on sales of your products.

What kind of fee reporting is required by EPRA Saskatchewan?

EPRA Saskatchewan remitter Stewards are required to report the number of units sold of each obligated product during the reporting period and remit the applicable fees. Interest and administrative fees apply to late reports (see EHF Remittance Policy). You will need to use the online reporting system to submit your reports.

Do remitters of EHFs receive compensation for collecting and remitting fees?

No, under the EPRA Saskatchewan program, there is no compensation from the program to EPRA Saskatchewan Stewards for collecting and remitting the fees.

We have online sales that allow people to buy and pay in Saskatchewan but pick up the product in another province. Do we charge the fee?

The EHF applies to all products sold in or into the province.

Is Lloydminster included in this program?

No, Lloydminster is part of the Alberta program.