EPRA-Québec says thanks… 175,000 times thanks!

The year 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the Electronic Products Recycling Association of Québec (EPRA-Québec). What better opportunity to celebrate the work we have accomplished and thank you for making it possible to divert over 175,000 metric tonnes of old electronic products from landfills since 2012!

Ten years is also a great milestone to step back and look at the road we have travelled so far.

It all started in 2012 when the Regulation respecting the recovery and reclamation of products by enterprises was adopted. The Government of Quebec took an important step by joining several other Canadian provinces that had already implemented similar legislation. Created in response to the entry into force of the Regulation, EPRA-Québec, a recognized industry-led organization, was given the mandate of implementing and managing for its stewards the Québec program for the recovery and reclamation of electronic products, better known today as Recycle My ElectronicsTM. EPRA-Québec therefore provides over 1,700 electronics manufacturers, distributors, and retailers with an approved environmental compliance program that makes it possible for them to meet provincial regulations.

EPRA-Québec also offers a simple and efficient solution to divert old electronics from landfills and ensure they are recycled responsibly by certified companies in compliance with Canadian standards. Its collection network, comprised mainly of municipal ecocentres, retailers, and various other organizations and businesses, started with only a few hundred locations. Now, EPRA-Québec has close to 1,000 authorized drop-off points where you can bring in more than 150 types of electronics.

After dedicating several years to strengthening its foundation, selecting its suppliers and implementing systems and processes to oversee its activities, EPRA-Québec is ready to focus on growth. It adapts its strategy to increase the volume of electronic products recovered or directed to reuse. With support from the Quebec population’s and businesses’ collective efforts, it passed the 100,000 metric tonne mark in 2018, in spite of a strong trend towards miniaturization and multi-functionality of devices.

In order to grow its program awareness, EPRA-Québec continues to multiply its efforts. Its “Serpuariens” advertising campaign has colourfully graced the French television landscape since 2015, and the term “Serpuariens” is now part of French Quebecers’ vocabulary! Recognized as “THE” reference for end-of-life electronics recycling, EPRA-Québec continues to raise Quebecers’ awareness regarding the importance of recycling their old electronics. As we focus on the circular economy, this small act ensures both the recovery of materials used to make all kinds of products and the safe processing of substances harmful to the environment.

Over the last ten years, our environmental awareness has certainly come a long way. Our ever-increasing use of technologies prompts us to make informed choices, especially when it comes to disposing of our devices. Recovering 175,000 metric tonnes of old electronic products since 2012, that’s a big deal! That could fill a row of tractor trailers stretching all the way from Montréal to Rimouski!

We can take pride in the Quebec electronic products recycling program that makes it possible for citizens and businesses to make a difference. Here’s hoping the last 10 years of great achievements are a prelude to 10 more to come!

Recycling old electronics: A small act with a big impact!