Québec Waste Reduction Week: EPRA-Québec encourages the population to resume good habits!

As Québec Waste Reduction Week runs from October 23 to 31, 2021, EPRA-Québec invites the population to resume good habits or develop new ones by embracing responsible recycling of old electronics.

The past year and a half has had a major impact on Quebecers’ routines: on work or school, on how they get informed or entertained, and even on the way they consume and… recycle! According to a survey conducted in June 2021, 65% of Quebecers still have at home at least one electronic product that they no longer use because it is broken, obsolete, or outdated.

It is important to properly dispose of old electronics, as have done 42% of Quebec households in the last year, by bringing them to the ecocentre or to an electronics retailer, or by dropping them off in an Electrobac, or by giving them to a community organization such as Renaissance.

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