QWRW 2022: 68% of Quebecers Believe That Recycling Old Electronics Is More Important Today Than Ten Years Ago

With Québec Waste Reduction Week (QWRW), which runs from October 21 to 30, set to begin, EPRA‑Québec unveils the results of its most recent survey. As the organization celebrates the tenth anniversary of its Recycle My ElectronicsTM program and takes stock of the last decade, the poll reveals that 68% of Quebecers believe that recycling old electronics is more important today than ten years ago.

“Without a doubt, Quebecers are more and more committed to doing their part for the climate. It should be noted that 90% of them are taking more concrete actions to protect the environment than ten years ago, such as by bringing their old electronic devices to a drop-off point. The latest EPRA‑Québec survey also reveals that 76% of Quebecers believe that the Recycle My ElectronicsTM program has had an impact on protecting the environment. That is excellent news and we are proud of the road we have travelled since the launch of the program,” says with enthusiasm Martin Carli, scientist and EPRA-Québec’s official spokesperson. “It is, however, essential that we continue our efforts because there are still too many end-of-life electronics in Québec homes.”

On the occasion of QWRW, EPRA‑Québec invites the population to seek out authorized drop-off points to get rid of their old electronics.

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