175,000 tons of electronics have been recycled in Quebec in 10 years – Interview with Martin Carli

Source: CTV News Montreal


Les Serpuariens, 10 ans, le porte-parole Martin Carli nous parle de sa présence à Brossard
(available in French only)

Source: FM 103,3 FM


175 000 tonnes de produits électroniques recyclés au Québec en 10 ans
(available in French only)

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Jour de la Terre: recycler nos Serpuariens, un petit geste qui compte gros! – April 2022 (available in French only)

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Tech It Out with Marc Saltzman podcast with Cliff Hacking on
CJAD 800 – Montreal (Bell Media) to discuss A Welcome Diversion, the importance of recycling electronics, from the industry led-not for profit.

EPRA President & CEO, Cliff Hacking's Interview with Marc Saltzman on
CJAD 800 Montreal