EPRA Accessibility Policy

EPRA is committed to ensuring that we provide services to our employees, stewards, and others with disabilities in an accessible manner, and in a way that respects the dignity and independence of those individuals. Our commitment to ensuring accessible service is part of our overall objectives of providing excellent service and promoting diversity.

The Accessibility Policy (the “Policy”) establishes practices and procedures relating to our provision of services to employees, stewards, and other third parties. We may implement additional policies, practices and/or procedures in this regard, including those contained in training materials. However, all such additional policies, practices and procedures will be consistent with the Policy. 

Accessibility Plan Pursuant To The Accessibility For Ontarians With Disabilities Act, 2005

The Accessibility Plan for EPRA outlines the policies, practices and actions that EPRA will implement in its Ontario operations over a multi-year period (the “Plan”) to improve accessibility for individuals with disabilities. The Plan also incorporates and references EPRA’s existing accessibility policies and practices in an effort to streamline our efforts in achieving its accessibility goals, and to comply with all applicable laws.

The Policy and Plan are available, by request, in an accessible format. 

For more information about the Policy and/or Plan, contact us at:


301-5750 Explorer Drive

Mississauga, ON  L4W 0A9

Email: accessibility@epra.ca

Phone: 1-888-567-4535