Info for Reuse Organizations

Reuse and Refurbishment

If your business would prefer to have your reusable electronics refurbished rather than recycled, please contact BC Technology for Learning Society.

BC Technology for Learning Society, which operates the Computers for Schools program in BC, is the only BC-based refurbisher currently qualified under the comprehensive standards of the Electronics Reuse & Refurbishing Program (ERRP). For more information on the ERRP, visit www.rqp.ca.

BC Technology for Learning Society distributes over 7,000 refurbished computers and laptops to BC schools, charities and libraries each year. For more information, please visit BC Technology for Learning Society’s website: www.ReuseTechBC.ca.

Another option is the BC Electronics Material Exchange, which is specifically for reusable electronic items and allows you to sell, give away or trade your working electronic items. There are over 30 categories available, including electronic appliances, gaming systems, computer parts and many more.

Info for Reuse Organizations

Does your organization want to help people reuse electronics?

Electronics reuse is a vital part of the new end-of-life electronic equipment program in BC. Reuse can help extend the useful life of electronics by allowing equipment that is no longer of use to one individual or organization to be used by another. But because electronics may contain substances of concern, reuse organizations must ensure they are protecting the health and safety of their worker and of the environment when dismantling, repairing and refurbishing these electronics.

Handling, Processing and Refurbishing Electronics

Reuse organizations must provide adequate education and controls to ensure the safety of workers, consumers and the environment. They must also ensure security measures are in place to protect all equipment and information contained on the equipment from unintended use. Reuse organizations must also ensure that end-of-life electronic parts and equipment are safely and securely recycled.

Key Questions to Determine if Your Organization is Properly Equipped to Handle Electronics

  • What type of electronics is my organization capable of handling in a safe and environmentally sound manner?

  • Has my organization educated and properly equipped employees to handle substances of concern?

  • Does my organization ensure adequate consumer safety for products that are dismantled, modified or refurbished?

  • Does my organization use an approved recycler(s) for the recycling of end-of-life parts and equipment?

  • Does my organization employ adequate security measures to protect equipment and information?

  • Does my organization ensure that the electronics are not illegally dumped or shipped off-shore?

EPRA Approved Reuser Program
If you are interested in becoming an EPRA approved reuser, EPRA has set up a program to qualify reusers and to ensure that proper procedures are followed and standards are met. For more details on this program please refer to the Electronics Reuse & Refurbishing Program (ERRP) section here: http://www.rqp.ca/