This Is EPRA

This Is EPRA

A fun, animated video explaining the importance of electronics recycling and EPRA’s role as an industry leader. As the operators of the largest network of qualified processors and drop-off locations in the country, EPRA is responsible for the safe and secure collection and recycling of electronics throughout Canada.

Discussion Questions

  1. What are some of the positive effects of recycling through the EPRA program?

  2. Once electronics have been dismantled, materials are sorted into different streams. What do you think streams means?

  3. How many of these different resource streams can you name?

  4. EPRA/Recycle My Electronics has a network of electronics recycling drop-off locations throughout Canada. How many drop-off locations are there?

  5. Where is the drop-off location nearest you? Visit recycleMYelectronics.ca now and find out.